Sarita Nanni

Artist Painter Illustrator

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I was born in Rimini (Italy).

For most of my life Rimini has been my home and is where I first established myself as a professional artist.

Some people discover their artistic inclinations later in life, but I was in tune with this part of myself from a very early age.
Throughout school I was always involved in whatever art classes were available. My work was always on display, and I was continually receiving awards throughout primary school.

In order to fine tune my talent I pursued my Bachelor in Fine Art in the “Istituto d’arte Scuola del Libro” in Urbino (PU) Italy, the birth place of Raffaello Sanzio.
I attended courses of illustrations for childrens books in Venice under the direction of Emanuele Luzzati and in Sarmede (TV) with Arcadio Lobato.
In year 2000 I discovered the passion for the wall and I went to Florence to attend a course of buon fresco at the “Laboratorio per affresco di Leonetto Tintori”.
Since then I almost always worked in buon fresco, because I think it is the most fascinating technique.

Life took me to London (UK) where I lived for almost ten years and where I collaborated with an English company making ceramic swimming pools and murals completely hand-made.

I often collaborate with my sister Catia realizing objects d’art, both in ceramic and wood. We have our atelier in Rimini “Pezzo Unico” art and design.

My Works

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